Behavioral Health

Healthy Living for those with Mental Illness

Sunshine Terrace and Behavioral Health is a supportive, therapeutic community for adults coping with mental illness. Our goal is to assist residents so they can live a whole and productive life. Since 1949, we have treated people with mental illnesses, and have one of the longest-running treatment programs in Spokane County.

This program is specifically designed for people who have been diagnosed with a mental health illness including clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, and others.

Residential Treatment and Campus

We offer the latest approaches in psychiatric treatment, psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) at our residential treatment programs.

Residential treatment enables the person to live at a center where treatment, care, and supervision are available 24 hours a day, for varying lengths of time as needed. The Spokane Valley campus provides housing and residential psychiatric treatment for both men and women. The amount of time a person resides at Sunshine Terrace is dependent on a person's needs and the program they are enrolled in.

Accommodations include shared suites and private rooms, a large activity room, a well-stocked library, a beautiful atrium, and day-rooms for activities and recreation. All of these areas are to offer the freedom and comfort of an at-home lifestyle.

Services and Amenities

Depending on program enrolled, services may also include

Treatment Plans

Treatment is customized to each individual. Talking with a therapist can alleviate troubling mental health symptoms and help the resident better understand their diagnosis and gain coping skills. This is done through personal training, counseling, education, and community activities. The staff works closely with residents throughout their stay to teach daily living and coping skills. Our professional treatment team has an extensive history assisting clients to overcome life's challenges so they can live a whole and productive life. During a resident’s time at Sunshine Terrace, they will work with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners (Psych ARNP’s), mental health professionals (MHP’s), social workers (MSW’s), nurses, mental health technicians, and trained caregivers.

The goal of the Sunshine treatment team is to help each resident return to a healthy, independent life. Our staff takes great care to educate residents about their mental illness, treatment plans, and medication management. Mental health treatment often includes medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, antipsychotic medications, and others that stabilize mood and help the resident better adjust to the world around them. If you have a parent or family member suffering from a mental illness, get them the help they need at Sunshine Behavioral Health.

Sunshine Terrace is proud to deliver the highest standards of behavioral healthcare — where dignity and respect are provided in an environment of hope and comfort. 

Treatment for Mental Illness

How Can We Help?

If you or someone you know could benefit from Sunshine Terrace’s residential behavioral health services, please contact us. We are happy to help counsel and educate your or your loved one on admission criteria for treatment or other community resources.

Sunshine Terrace and Behavioral Health
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Additional Sunshine Services Include:

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Behavioral Health